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Miscellaneous Resources and Links

The information provided, herein, may be freely used by the reader. However, there are no guarantees or warrantees implied and user should seek verification and further information from local experts to achieve optimum impact on their site.

Landscape Maintenance Considerations (pdf, 316 kb)

Avoid Tree Trimming Problems (pdf, 107 kb)

Tips on the Maintenance and Location of Small Trees (pdf, 21 kb)

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Sustainable Design Resources and Links

While not an exhaustive listing, the following links may provide information about green building and maintenance practices.

Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection:
Florida Earth Foundation:
Florida Energy Extension Service: www.
Florida Urban Forestry Council:
Florida Yards & Neighborhoods:
South Florida Water Management District:
Southwest Florida Water Management District:
St. Johns River Water Management District:
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC):

Native Plant Info:

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